Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mothers Day!!!

I am so grateful for a special mom who taught me so much about life and responsibilities. Who taught me the gospel; who taught me how to work hard and to never give up; who taught me that family is everything.... who taught me how to be a mom.

Thanks mom for being such a wonderful mother to me, such a sweet special grandma to my kids, whom adore you so much. Thanks mom for being you.... You are the best!!!

I Love You!!!

For Mothers Day T.J. and Jessica hosted it at their home. All the guys pitched in and helped do dinner for all of us moms. It was very tasty and very relaxing. Thanks guys for everything!!!

Taeler's Birthday!!!

My sweet little Taeler got to spend her 7th birthday travelling home from California. We got home and had all the family over for cake and icecream. She wanted a bigger bike to ride to school, "Cooking Mama" and clothes. We celebrated her birthday with friends later. Out of all my kids Taeler has gotten the shaft on her Birthdays its either been storming so we cancel our original plans, I am having a baby, or we are travelling from somewhere. She has, out of all my kids had the coolest birthdays. Her first Birthday we had while we were in Hawaii. And her 5th Birthday, Nate had a client in town that had a plane so He and Jena took her on an airplane ride all over St. George for her birthday. She absolutely loved it and Madi was very jealous!
Taeler is such a sweet and fun girl, and has got a lot of quick wit, just like her dad. Between the two of them they keep us laughing. I've said before she is such a wonderful helper never complains for one second when i ask her to do something for me, she just says "ok" and does it, especially if it has to do with Landri. I am so grateful to have such a special little girl.
Happy Birthday Taeler!!!
I love You!!!

A Chilly Day at the Beach!

Wasn't what we were all anticipating but it didn't stop my kids from playing in the water. (or me from taking pictures) It was lots of fun and very cold!.....


Always Great Times at Disneyland!.....

Spring Break San Diego Zoo

While we were in California without the guys Monica and I took all the kids to the San Diego Zoo. Our favorite part was watching the Orangutans. Luke was standing up against the window and Clyde (the Big fellow) bounced up and kissed the window in front of Luke. It scared him to death but the kids all thought it was great!

And yes my daughter is picking her nose.....


Spring Break!!!

Steve is the eBay king! For Spring Break this year the kids wanted to go somewhere really great! We have a year pass to Disney Land so we thought we better head there to get some good use out of it. So Steve found this great deal on a condo in Escondido at the Lawrence Whelk Resort. It came with every amenity possible you would want for your kids. I would recommend this place to anyone! Steve didn't have the first of the week off and we decided to go with Jeff and Mo and there kids; and Jeff didn't have the first couple days off either. So Monica and I get this sweet idea that we are going to head down there with the kids, by ourselves and the guys would come out later. Me, driving in California!?!... And we did.... we piled all 25 of our kids in my vehicle ( which I wish we had a picture of cause it really was quite a sight) and we left. Poor Steve and Jeff watched us Sunday morning drive away and seriously thought it was the last time they would ever see their wife and children ever again. Thank goodness for Tom Tom... we made it there just fine. (with a few detours..) I think we actually did better than the guys coming out.

My kids loved the rock water slide, the splash pad and playground that was all right there together. Monica and I loved sitting by the pool, people watching of course (That was great!) and enjoying the fact that we didn't have to move and we could see our kids at all times and we could just relax and have fun!!

This is Luke for Ya!!!?!

The Never Ending Bake Sales.....

Madi and Lainee for the last 3 years have been the best of friends. They have been in each others school class every year since 2nd grade. Every second they get or actually whenever I allow it, they are asking and having some sort of sale outside our house or down on the corner. They sale lemonade, pop, snowcones (which are the biggest hit!) and anykind of cookie, brownie or rice krispie treat they can find or make. They are so sweet and include Tae and Luke. Actually they make them do all the running around for them but they do pay them. ( a few coins?!... ) I am amazed at how much they have made some of the time. They have lots of fun and we love having Lainee around.

Landri's 1st Birthday!!!

March 10, 2009
I lied... Steve wasn't able to take work off for Landri's Birthday. That is my favorite picture! She was so cute eating her cake. She had what she wanted and then started sharing with everyone. I can't believe my baby is 1!!! Steve kept saying we were done at three but I always wanted four. So glad I convinced him cause I can't imagine life without our little Landri Lou. She has been so fun and has stayed so little in fact she still isn't walking. Madi and Taeler didn't walk until they were 14 and 15 months. Landri will probably be 16 or 17 months. That's ok with me though I want her to stay little as long as possible so I can just enjoy her. She is so fun right now. She loves to give kisses; play with all the kids; and dance ( which looks like she is doing squats). She says mom and dad and thank you and cookie and cracker and Ma Ma for Madi and tries to say just about anything you try to get her to. It makes me sad that I will never have another baby... Just not so sad enough to have another one. She is perfect to end on. The day was great!, having everyone over for cake and ice cream and lots of fun!
Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!!!
I Love You!!!

My Sweet Hubby's Birthday!!!

k so back to where I left off six months ago. February 16th was my sweet hubby's 33rd birthday! I remember when my parents were this age and I really thought they were old! Don't know what I was thinking.... Time just flies by though. I can't believe we are in our thirties, and have four kids; one which is going into 5th grade, crazy.... Anyhow not the funnest birthday here, of course he doesn't ask for it off, he spent the whole night working so he could take off time for Landri's birthday, Tae's birthday and mine all which are in March. What a sweet man... we did get to spend the day with him though so went went to lunch and did a little shopping and then spent the night calling him and taking him lots of birthday stuff into work, and he was able to swing out to my parents for a few minutes for all of us to celebrate with him. I would have to say I am the luckiest wife in the world.... I am so grateful for the wonderful man my husband is. He works so hard for us and does whatever he can to make us all happy. Wasn't at the top of your list for birthdays... But there are lots more to come... I love you Babe!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is serious.... Good thing I don't blog for a living. I knew I would be like this, but I didn't think I would be this bad. I haven't even made a post in 4 months. My life has been so crazy I haven't had any time. Sad that that isn't an excuse.. its the honest truth. Here are some highlights of the pasts months, where I have remembered the camera. Hopefully I will do better at keeping this updated, seeing as I don't ever write in a journal.




K so you really can't even tell that she just got her ears pierced cause her cute chubby cheeks are in the way. But that is what we are looking at here. I don't know why I waited so long to do this. Madi was 5 months when we did hers and Tae was 9 months. We waited till Landri was almost 11 months. We had them do both ears at he same time and she cried for about .5 seconds then had the succer and was good to go.

Doesn't even know what just happened!....

Superbowl Sunday!!!

We went over to Morby's for the Superbowl. The guys spent half of the game trying to light the barbeque, bound and determined to get that thing working. Amy and I should have gone out there, I am sure we would've got it going.... There was never success but the food was great! We all had such a fun time, watching Amy get a stomach ulcer, Yale scaring Nash as he yelled at the tv and the girls covering their eyes and pacing the floors getting worked up wondering if their Steelers would actually pull it off. We were cheering for the Cardinals but really didn't care who won. Definately was a great game to watch!, and great friends to watch it with. Thanks Morby's for having us over. Our kids love us getting together and can't wait till we do it again.

Aren't they all so cute! Best part, they all get along so well together.

Nash and Landri... Isn't he so adorable!!!... I just love him!

Gotta love it!!!


Landri is 10 months, and by far is my pickiest eater! I cannot for the life of me get her to like or even eat vegetables. With the way they taste, I really dont blame her. She really doesnt like anything except baby cereal and fruit. I decided to try making my own so it didn't taste like baby food. This was my end result! I even tried giving her what was on my plate and she is either choking on it or spitting it out. Although... the other day I let her try my beef enchiladas and she loved them!

Doing whatever he can to get her to give him kisses. Landri has been such a fun and mellow baby. We all love doing whatever we can to get her to laugh or give us kisses. She loves her dad so much! Most of the time she would rather go to Steve than me; and gets so excited to see him whenever he walks through the door. We are so grateful to have her. She gave us quite a scare a bit ago, we spent a Saturday in the ER thinking she had swallowed a penny, or a barbie shoe or something. I was cleaning out Tae's closet and had Landri sitting next to me on the floor. I had picked up all the little stuff around me, but Luke kept pulling things out of a little craft drawer that was sitting there. All the sudden she starts choking, and Luke is saying "she swallowed a penny mom"! I picked her up and flipped her over and hit her on the back, and that didn't work, did it again, still didnt' work. She couldn't breathe and kept choking, (all my kids have choked on something but this was lasting a long time, and with the others, I've always been able to get them to stop) I kept hitting her on the back and holding her tilted down but it was not working. I finally swooped my finger in through her throat cause I didn't know what else to do and I started running down our stairs. My other kids are freaking out crying, asking if they should call 911 I didn't know what to do. I seriously thought my baby was going to die right their in my arms. About half way down the stairs she starting crying and breathing again. She cried for a few minutes and then acted fine, but we took her in to see if thet could see anything. Some doctors were telling us if she does have a penny in her and its turned wrong it could cause problems. They did an x-ray and couldn't see anything. Don't know what she was choking on, and I guess I never will. And I dont think I have ever been so scared in my life as I was in those few moments. I would die if anything happened to any of my family. They are everything to me. Landri has been so special to all of us and we are so thankful for her. She definately completes our family.