Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Water Helmet!!!

So we were watching the Olympics over the last few weeks and Luke thinks Michael Phelps is the greatest. Wants to swim so fast just like him. After one of his races Luke says "Dad for my birthday I want a water helmet". "Huh?" "One of those water helmets, a shark one to go wif my shark goggles, so I can swim weal fast". Steve and I were dying.... So all he's been asking for his birthday was a shark water helmet. where are we supposed to find that. Leave it to Wade & Janell, they found one in a jif and had to bring it over the day they got it (could'nt wait till his birthday...), along with spiderman socks and spiderman tatoos. He thinks its the greatest thing and carries it everywhere. They have him convinced he gets to wear it everywhere, Target, Walmart, Church..... we'll see about that...thanks you two.....

School Starts!!!

I can't believe my kids are already back in school. Madi is in forth grade ( crazy...) Tae is in first so they are both gone all day. I just have two at home most of the time, so yes my house is alot more quiet. But I miss them being home. When school is in everything starts and I feel like we are just running everywhere. Piano, dance etc... I don't think we will do soccer this year or gymnastics. Both girls are going to start back into dance the first of September, and they have continued piano with grandma without a break because they love it and they love spending time with just her. What a wonderful grandma she is. She takes them and does so much with them. I don' t know how many sleepovers they have begged her to let them have over this summer, but they had so much fun each time, and she would take them and do a special day with them. Now that school is back in grandma gets a little break. Thank you for all you do mom, for all of us especially my kids. You are the best!!! Anyhow back to school... we are on a waiting list for Miss Julie for Luke. He wants to be in school so bad. Over the summer, right after we had Landri, Luke decided he was a "bery, bery big boy" and basically potty trained himself. About a month or so ago, he trained through the night. It was the greatest cause we really didn't have to anything, he did it all himself. Taeler is trying to adjust to such long days and Madi thinks it's all just wonderful because she can play with Lainee everyday. I think Luke really misses Tae (his sidekick) and is just bored out of his mind... It is all nice though. It is good to be back on a schedule with everyone.

Some Of Our Summer Fun....

Newport Beach

We went to Newport Beach and to Disneyland with our good friends the Ashton's. We had a blast on this trip. It was the first time in a long time where we weren't ready to come home. The kids loved the beach and had a blast looking for as many seashells as they could find.

The only thing Luke cared about during our whole trip was seeing Mickey Mouse. Here we are on Hollywood Boulevard, haven't even got to Disneyland yet, and we found Mickey. He was so excited he didn't even realize he wasn't alive.

Finally we got to Mickey's House. He was in heaven... He thought it was the greatest place in the world.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Midway with Ashton's
Barbeques, swimming, scooter rides, golfing, the Alpine slides and shopping in Park City. We all had so much fun up at Ashton's cabin. What wonderful friends they are, we are very fortunate to have them.

Madi was a little nervous to go down by herself. But when we got to the end she thought it was one of the funnest things she'd ever done. Tae thought we might fly off the slide and die, and Luke loved every minute of it. They were all ready to go again. Little Landri Lou slept through all of it. Kim watched her and Charly so we all could go. Thanks Kim...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We spent most of the summer swimming at grandma's with friends and family.

Friday, August 15, 2008

After many, many months I am finally up and runnin' with my blog. I keep telling everyone I just don't have time to do this. We will see how I do.......